It is no surprise that rising health care costs are a concern for nearly every American. As a business owner, these rising costs directly affect your business as well. When employees do not receive the preventative care they need to prevail, everyone experiences the loss.

Your employee requesting time off of work for the common cold that has lasted well over a week due to their weakened immune system will force you to pay more in after-tax profits in order to meet the demands of the health care system. Despite common misconception, the wellbeing of your employees is directly related to controlling costs. When your employees are able to modify their lifestyles to support healthy behaviors, you will benefit as a result.

As an organization with a wellness program, you are supporting your employees in partaking in healthy behaviors. Employees that are healthy and require less health care services will be more productive, directly affecting your business operations.

Cost Control
• Reduced workers compensation claims and disability expenses
• Reduced absenteeism
• Increased Productivity
• Improved Employee Morale