IFS is a full-service benefits consulting agency specializing in employee benefits. With decades of experience serving employers of all capacities domestically and globally, we are able to provide our clients with trusted guidance in the ever-changing benefits market. We partner with our clients in completing formal needs analysis in order to realize our mission of creating valuable and creative solutions. Our clients benefit from our expert market understanding and strong negotiation skills, as well as our world-class customer service.

We work closely with our clients to keep them up to date with the many various compliance regulations such as the Affordable Care Act, COBRA, FMLA and more. As new product, policies and laws are released to the market, we fully educate ourselves to keep on top of the competition.

 Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated account management team so they receive personal, reliable assistance. We will work directly with our client’s HR staff to administer products from employee education, employee handbook creation, individualized benefits administration portals and much more. Offering the latest technology to our clientage such as online employee benefits portals, mobile apps and other state of the art functionality helps our clients efficiently guide their employees through the process of discovering, selecting and maintaining their benefits. Employees get one on one support from their IFS benefits team when they have issues, claims or questions. Our goal is to relieve the employer burden of administering their benefits plans as well as allow employees to have superior access to their benefits with ease.


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